SEO Audit

SEO Specialist like Mohammad Saiful Islam, SEO audit

SEO audits

On-Page SEO Evaluation:
  • Review the on-page elements of the website, including:
    • Title tags.
    • Meta descriptions.
    • Header tags.
    • Keyword usage.
    • Content quality and relevance.
    • Image optimization.
    • Internal linking.
    • URL structure.

Content Assessment:
  • Evaluate the website’s content to ensure it’s high-quality, unique, and valuable to users. Check for:
    • Duplicate content.
    • Thin or low-quality content.
    • Keyword stuffing.
    • Content relevancy to user intent. 
Keyword Analysis:

Analyze the website’s keyword strategy and use of relevant keywords throughout the content. Assess keyword placement, density, and optimization. 

A well-executed SEO audit helps identify strengths and weaknesses in a website’s SEO strategy, providing a roadmap for improvement. It is an ongoing process that helps websites remain competitive in search engine rankings and attract organic traffic. Offering SEO audit services can be a valuable addition to your freelance portfolio.